17th January 2010

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17th January 2010



I need a few hits and a boxing match with my own words

I have slammed every single door
To just be with someone that ripped me apart
I’m glad you never had a heart
I knew you didn’t actually believe in this
I’m glad its him you miss
There is enough Dramamine in this system 
To save the world from motion. 
Slowly saving me from the world. 
A heart attack is bound to break its hold
I’m gone
I’m disappearing
Gone, Gone, Gone
You were the only thing holding me back
I’m going to throw my heart to the rats
And let them not die from hunger
At least I don’t need it any longer
Hey when I find heaven
Is there enough room to be given
Oh God I’m sorry I gave up on you
She convinced me you weren’t true
Jesus Christ I begging you to let me use the telephone
I need to apologize for not being alone
Love don’t feed me your lines
Of well placed lies
Well your fiance’s got a wedding date with a rope
At least you won’t know
When I’m gone
I’m disappearing
Gone, Gone, Gone
I’m glad you been lying to me this whole time and i found that out
At least you know how to drive home a doubt
I’m not good enough for you anyhow
I guess this state is where we are for now
I won’t be forgiven
But I want to be forgotten
I hope that this tree limb breaks
I hope this tree limb breaks
Before I’m dead and gone
I hope your tree limb breaks
Before I’m dead and gone

4th January 2010

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There should be a course in first grade on love.
— Andy Warhol (via wefeltsoinfinite) (via nfrjoetis)

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4th January 2010

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Names For Reason Show jan 17th whos going?

25th December 2009


oh yes

22nd December 2009

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The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

22nd December 2009


Holy Cow It’s The January Curse

We always have shows in january did anyone notice that? Well other then me? Anyways just decided to make a blog say whats give you all a heads up for the show on the 17th of January down at Fubar. We need you to bring out your friends family the neighbors kids and everyone else you might know. This is our first time back in a very very long time. We’re debating the name and trying to figure things out. I think we might stick to the Names For Reason name for now hopefully permnantly.

Anyways about the show. We have the set planned out for now. One of the songs is on the myspace. Desire Equals (slow) Death will definitely be played. We’re trying to decide if we want to do this fully acoustic or not. I think that would be a splendid idea but we’ll have to see. Help us get to the finals and we can bring out the electric stuff ha. Probably going to on the 17th.

Hopefully our curse in January won’t catch up with us this time. I mean look at it Our Broken Silhouettes, AmberMeadows, and Regards To Yesturday all had shows in January that had to be dropped for different reasons. It won’t get us this time around. Originally it was going to be set up for The Icarus Secret but I decided that T.I.S. is never getting on a stage.

Anyways I hope your all having a dandy time and things like that. Happy Christmas to all of you out there. I’m super excited for the show. I hope to see everyone there!

-Joe Bryant

22nd December 2009

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Desire Equals (Slow) Death